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Manged IT Services

We are Passionate About IT & Technology

At Next Four our focus is to help small to medium business achieve their goals and make sound technology investments. Our dynamic and passionate IT team are committed to continuously bring your business the latest cutting-edge technology and we offer various Managed IT Solutions from entry level Services, Co – Manage IT Services to full On-premises Managed IT Services.  We have the necessary experience to support your journey of migrating your legacy IT equipment to a cost-effective Hybrid Digital Solution.

What Drives Us

Passion is the force that drives our innovation, creates inspiration and forges the desire to produce excellence.

Speed is our ability to quickly react and respond to your business challenges. We understand that if your network and IT infrastructure are down it places your business and revenue in jeopardy. Our Premium Protect package, Always on solutions and rapid response times minimises these challenges in your business.

Agility is our ability to think quickly and resolve your problems timeously which we can achieve with our range of solutions and youthful professionals. We have the skills and knowledge to offer your business  24-hour services, 7 days a week. 

IT Solutions

IT Should be hassle-free. Is yours?

Our IT Engineers and Specialists constantly pursue the latest solutions to further streamline your current business processes and provide cutting-edge support functions. Value-centricity remains at the heart of our dynamic team approach and our client always remains our core focus. 

We offer a unique Remote Management Software Solution and Security that enables us to monitor your IT infrastructure and provide proactive support. What makes our solution unique is its self-healing capabilities, which means when something goes wrong the system can fix itself, this ensures that your business is never down, but always operating at peak performance. 

SAAS remains one of our key focus areas in this dynamic IT Industry. We realise that the right software plays a critical role in building and growing your business. We also know that no software solution is a one size fits all, which is why we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions.

We analyse and assess your needs and then determine and source the best software solutions specifically for your business. We have partnered with the industry’s biggest leaders and can offer software types such as time & attendance, desktop solutions, employee performance monitoring and many more. Our priority however remains ensuring that we provide the right software solution specifically for you.  

Make sure your business is optimised for the future.

Optimise your business with professional managed IT services & advanced software solutions.

Why Choose Us

Let us change the way you think about technology.

Smart & Secure Systems
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Frequently Ask Questions

IT consulting is a service where our experts analyze your business needs, evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, and provide recommendations on how to optimize and improve your technology systems to meet your goals effectively..

On/offsite support refers to our ability to provide IT assistance both remotely from our office location and on-site at your business premises. This allows us to address technical issues, troubleshoot problems, and provide hands-on assistance whenever required.

Next Four specializes in network management and security by implementing robust security protocols, monitoring network activity, managing user access controls, implementing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and conducting regular security audits to protect your network from cyber threats.

 Data communications involves the transmission, reception, and exchange of data between various devices and systems within your IT infrastructure. Next Four ensures reliable data communication through the implementation of efficient network architectures, data protocols, and technologies.

Next Four provides server solutions that involve the design, deployment, and management of server infrastructure tailored to your business needs. We help with server setup, configuration, virtualization, maintenance, and optimization to ensure smooth operations and high performance.

Software licensing refers to the legal agreement between a software publisher and the user that defines the terms and conditions for using the software. Next Four assists businesses in obtaining the appropriate software licenses, ensuring compliance, and managing software assets effectively.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract that defines the level of service and support that Next Four will provide to your business. It outlines metrics, response times, resolution times, and other parameters that ensure the quality and availability of the IT services delivered.